This workshop will show you where your stories are. It will teach you to navigate your archive with purpose and find the images that share a common thread. We will dive deep into your work and not only find a narrative hiding there but also show you where your work is strong to help you focus your future work in the direction that will level you up. 

You will learn to recognise story, find consistency in your imagery, and connect with the deeper images you may not even remember making. This is where you will learn to assemble images to tell a story, get confident in how you use your visual language and rid yourself of any impostor syndrome whispering into your left (or right) ear. 

Let’s get down and dirty, dig through your archive and find the hidden gems hiding beneath the surface. 

A workshop for the photographer..

  • ...with a lot of terabytes of work they haven't looked at. In years.
  • ...who has procrastinated organising their work into a searchable archive.
  • ...unsure of what they are doing in photography and need a second set of eyes to help them identify their voice. 
  • ...who needs some accountability as they finish that project they have been working on. 
  • ...who wants to understand how photographs can work together in a series or story.
  • ...who needs a nudge right now.

What is this workshop about? Let me answer you here....
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January - March

Here is what you will accomplish:

Level up

We will pinpoint your strengths as a photographer and you will see the direction your work is going. You will leave this workshop with a deeper understanding of where to go.

A tangible project already done

We will find a series of images in your work that you can put together as a story. This will give you a tangible project to help you promote your photography. 

Organised folder system with keywords

You will do that hard task of organising your past work and setting up a system so you will always be able to locate that one image you remember making.

Recorded lessons and one-on-one mentoring

Each section comes with recorded instructional videos and one-on-one time with Kristine where she will nudge you to move forward and help you edit and sequence your work. 


You will be encouraged regularly to maintain a workflow in a fun and manageable way without feeling overwhelmed.

Flexible payment options

You can pay all at once or on a payment plan. This workshop also offers one scholarship seat.
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Limited Seats

Registration closes when full.

What's included?

  • Video tutorials on maintaining large volumes of photographs
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Group Mentoring
  • Editing and Sequencing

Accountability and feedback.

A second set of eyes on your work will get you to finish that lingering task and help you see your strengths as a photographer.

Gift yourself an organised 2022!

A new portfolio, finish that project or just find those forgotten gems hiding in your past work. While getting it organised and sorted!






You can also bundle!

Winter Storytelling Bundle

Bundle up for winter and save $299 with this storytelling bundle. This will only be available through January to get the full advantage from The Archive. The other workshops are self-paced and can be done on the go or in-between. 

Past Students  

Working with Kristine was like working with a dear, longtime friend. She caught up on the stories of my life and of my images so quickly, intuitively. Kristine is a skilled photographer, gifted teacher, with a compassionate and deep spirit.
Kristine has an uncanny ability to identify individual strengths in work, and in story. She is unassuming, yet observes everything and does not forget. She is a delight in person, curious, quirky in humor, and overall, a teacher with the understanding (and organization) to encourage anyone, at any level, who wants to better understand their own voice. She's created this much needed course, to help photographers in the digital age (or any age) understand that looking back, learning to organize and to use tools to help manage and access a body of work, is as important as making better images.
Working with Kristine was calming and helpful, and very different from so many fast paced surface level classes. I learned skills and well as insights about my work, and I thought all the aspects of the class were helpful, useful, interesting, and different from what I’ve seen offered other places.
This workshop offers one scholarship seat. 
Email me why you need this right now and how you think I can help you in your career.

4 reasons to take this workshop

#1 A lot of terabytes

You have thousands and thousands of images you haven't looked at and are curious what is hiding in your past work.

Learn to navigate!

#2 Organisation

You need to figure out how to organise the many folders of images hiding in various pixels across your hard drives and how to KEEP THEM SAFE!

Learn to sort!

#3 Accountability

You have an idea of how to organise your work but keep putting it off for tomorrow. Repeat indefinitely.

Group and 1-1 sessions!

#4 Confidence

You have been making pictures regularly but not sure how they make sense together as a series or story. You need a second set of eyes to help you see.

Old work in new light!

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You will walk away with...

An understanding of how to organise your photography

A story ready to share and promote your work

Insight into how to make a story or series in images and sequence them together

Understanding your own style and voice

How you can level up

Knowing how to create a sensible workflow

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Working with Kristine was a refreshing and delightful experience. I love how her brain works and how she is able to look at a variety of images and quickly see patterns and strengths of the photographer. Going through this Archive class was like having a creative midwife- I had do the hard work and labor myself, but I had a gentle and capable coach alongside me, giving me things to hold onto and help me through the process. I would highly recommend this class to anyone- especially if you have years of work sitting on hard drives that need to be revisited. It was so satisfying to emerge from the class with a very meaningful and powerful personal project that I'm excited to share with the world. Kristine is incredibly knowledgable, patient and organized and her presence through this process was so helpful.
Jessica Uhler, USA

Recorded Lessons

Learn at your own pace with close to 5 hours of pre-recorded lessons on how to organise the archive and find your work. You will also learn to edit your work both as a narrative and toning your work for consistency. 

Private 1-1 Mentoring

Three 40-minute one-on-one mentoring sessions to go through your work together with Kristine and discuss the obstacles you face moving through your archive. 

Group Discussions

Instructor led group discussions on how to grow into better photographers and maintain the workflow and workload. We will visit the obstacles that have come up during the 1-1 meetings.

Level Up

Understand what it takes to get your work organised and your goals achieved. Find the hidden strengths you hadn't noticed before and see where those can help you build and grow in your photography.
You can also bundle!

Winter Storytelling Bundle

Bundle up for winter and save $299 with this storytelling bundle. This will only be available through January to get the full advantage from The Archive. The other workshops are self-paced and can be done on the go or in-between. 

Frequently asked questions

What if I can't attend the live meetings?

All live meetings get recorded so you can catch up on the information at a later date. However you will loose the live aspect of the workshop if you can’t attend. All meetings with Kristine will happen on certain days but we will work around our schedules to make sure you get the 1-1 time and stay on track with your work.

What level photographer is this for?

This workshop is built to fit anyone from the novice to the advanced, because the goal is to give you a body of work with what you have already made while teaching you the tools to maintain your archive. This workshop is for anyone interested in photography and who want to finally get their work in order.

I'm so busy, how can I fit this in?

All the materials are there for you to watch at your own pace, and the assignments are meant to be able to complete when you have time. For The Archive the assignments mean you have to find images, but you get a full month to do this. Between each meeting we will have two weeks, and I have built this workshop with the consideration that doing a dive into your work is a marathon process, not a sprint. This workshop will teach you to maintain an archive while handing you a body of work in the process.

I don't know what to work on for this workshop...

That's ok and also perfect! As you watch the lessons and start looking through your work there will be epiphanies along the way telling you where to go. If you stumble, I will be there to help guide you. This is a process, and through it you will find what you are looking for, even if you don't know what that is right now. 

Do you offer scholarships?

I usually have one seat per run set aside for someone in need of learning but short on cash. Please reach out and tell me how this workshop speaks to you and why you need it right now.

I need this but can't do it right now, will you offer it again soon?

I offer workshops based on the time I have to do them, and I can never guarantee a workshop will come again. It just depends on the last run and my own schedule. So if you need this, don't wait! They course materials will be there for you for 9 months, and we can always work out a special schedule for you to get through it all if life gets in the way of progress. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I offer payment plans. You can pay once a month for three months. 

Is this workshop online?

Yes, it is an online workshop with self-study elements, one-on-one mentoring and group discussions. All live elements are done through zoom. 

What is the timeline for this workshop?

All the pre-recorded lessons on maintaining the archive, searching and finding images gets dropped January 1st to give you time to go through it. We meet once in January to get to know each other and after that you have a full month to search your images for your pictures. You will then share 500+ images with me and we will go through them together in 3 separate 1-1s to figure out what you're trying to say and how best to put it together. This last half of the workshop also offers some pre-recorded videos on editing, sequencing and toning images. During this time we also meet as a group to discuss our findings before our final group presentation in March.

When do we meet?

The workshop materials will drop January 1 so the early birds can get a start on it. Our introductory meeting is on January 12th. We will have 1-1 meetings on February 8, February 22 and March 8. These days you can schedule a 40-minute 1-1 that works for you. On February 9, February 23 and March 9 we will meet as a group at 12pm EST. On March 16 we have our final group meeting presentations at 12pm EST.

Can I bring a project to this workshop?

Absolutely! This is the perfect time to hold yourself accountable to that project you've been putting off bringing to life. I will nudge you to stay on course.

I don't know what pictures to even bring!

That is no problem. I promise you as soon as you get started digging into your archive something will jump out at you. I am here to help and if you get stuck I will help you through that too. 

Register today!!

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Meet the instructor

Kristine Nyborg

Kristine Nyborg is a Norwegian photojournalist based out of Ottawa, Canada. She has a BA in Photojournalism, MPhil in Visual Ethnography and teaches photography to anyone who’s willing to partake in a combination of monologues and attentive listening. She has been swinging a camera since 1998, and has made a living from it since 2002, making photographs internationally for mainly Norwegian media organisations, occasionally swivelling in their editor chair and learning to navigate editing and sequencing for magazines. She once found herself in a George W. Bush and Karl Rove sandwich in the doorway of Lincoln’s bedroom while on assignment, and can hold serious conversations on worldly topics but prefers to find ways to make herself laugh. Other people laughing is a bonus.The last seven years she’s been learning how to be a mom, and expects that education to be ongoing.She also wrote this bio about herself in the third person.

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