Embrace the storm!

Dec 14

One of my favourite things to embrace is imperfection. I’ve never been really good at perfection, my brain won’t allow for that kind of precision, but after I had kids I just embraced imperfection with my whole heart.

Did you know Coca-Cola was invented by mistake? As was potato chips, penicillin, the ice cream cone, x-rays and post-its? This tells me that it’s good to make mistakes, or I wouldn’t have treats to eat while I jotted down notes waiting for my x-ray and prescription penicillin. 

With the holiday season coming up, expectations to be met (and shattered, pivoted and replaced), food to be prepared, presents to wrap, messes to be made (and maybe not cleaned until next year), songs to hear on repeat and decorations to be hung, it’s easy to forget the camera, dusting away as chaos unfolds.

So. Here is what I propose. I give you 5 prompts for the holidays to find your way through the chaos, 5 prompts to make sure you document all the wild happening around you because I know you will appreciate it later. See, life was made in all that imperfection and that’s what makes it so incredibly perfect.

This year I suggest: throw that joy to the wind and embrace the storm that is the holiday season. It might be stressful now but it will be so much fun looking back on when the dust settles.

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And share this with your friends! They might need some chaos documented too.


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