Level up your work with workshops built to meet you where you are.
Online photography workshops for people with a story.
 If you have a chance to take one of Kristine's classes, DO IT. She is a patient and genuinely kind teacher. You get the sense that she truly is trying to help you make an impact on your own work. She is one of those teachers that you never hesitate to be honest with, because you just know she has made room at the table she sits at not waiting for you to be good enough to join her space.
- Tara McMinn, Student fall 2021


hello, I'm Kristine...

I found photography in 1997 when I inherited my father's old Pentax. In 2002 I graduated photojournalism school and photography has been a part of my life ever since. 

Through Føle Media I teach the things I've learned about creating a sustainable workflow and practice around this craft. Creatives often stumble into walls and slumps, or plateau and don't know how to move forward.  

I also show you the photographer you can be as you take steps to navigate building your craft and honing your skills. I want you to find the intrinsic joys of capturing life as it unfolds.

My workshops can be taken by any level photographer, from the novice to the professional, they are purposefully made to challenge you where you are.

My approach

1. Live Workshops

Every year I offer a handful of live workshops where you get a combination of pre-recorded lessons alongside an element of 1-1 and group discussion. These workshops run with limited seats and become available a few times a year. Sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know!

2. Self Paced Workshops

Through my self-paced workshops you can learn at your own pace while also being a part of the community around Føle Media. All self-paced workshops come with the opportunity to connect with me personally should you encounter any obstacles.

3. Private Mentoring

I offer private mentoring for photographers who have lost their way or need a second set of eyes on a project. 

Be the first to know and learn some photography while you wait. 

Thank you!
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"Kristine's newsletters are the feeling I get when I open the windows on the first warm day after weeks of cold, stale, stuffiness. They are creatively inspiring, spiritually encouraging, and damn practical. It's uncanny, but her messages come at exactly the right time. I think she shares my brain. Just a wiser, more experienced, more wholehearted version of my brain. I truly treasure her thoughts and am grateful each time she pops in my inbox." -Christine Wright

Summer Workshop

Føle [ˈføːlə] (norwegian)

To feel. 
Used to describe both the physical and emotional act of feeling.

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